A manufacturing execution system (MES) is used to control, track, and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods in real-time. MES systems are capable of tracking production by the second and, in some cases, less than one second.

Save Money

• Maximize your Production Efficiency
• Reduce Production Downtime
• Eliminate Material Rework/Scrap
• Monitor High-Level View of Production
• Lower OT/IT Costs
• Increase Asset Utilization

Save Time

• Enterprise-Wide Production Data Sync
• Global Enterprise Connectivity
• Easy Project Customization
• Track Production Data Trends Digitally
• Manage Your Inventory in Real-Time

Increase Flexibility

• Customize to Your Production Environment
• Plant Floor to Business System Connectivity
• Real-Time Data Acquisition,
• Real-Time Sampling, & Monitoring…
• Accessible Onsite or Remotely

Flexibility Knows No Bounds.

Our MES Solutions Deliver the Utmost in Efficiency While Remaining Flexible and Fully Customizable, Suited For Your Needs.




• Detailed resource scheduling and statuses
• Dispatching production tasks and sequencing
• Traceability and Genealogy
• Work-in-progress and inventory details
• Ensuring quality
• Work instructions and other document control
• Performance analyses